Cotton Blends

My struggle with anxiety had defeated me and I had completely isolated myself on the battlefield. I needed someone to pull me out of the trenches and model Jamillah Mcwhorter easily became my muse. Inspired by her unique attributes, I set out to shoot something raw with earthy undertones. My search led me to the gallery rooftop of Miya Bailey and his white ball python by the name of Cotton. 

When I initially approached Jamillah about this series, I was more terrified then she was. It was my first time photographing her and I had also never handled a snake. But As I began to shoot, the session became less about my fears and more about the depth of the connection amidst this unlikely pair. As if they had met a time before, Cotton settled into Jamillah's hands like a pretzel. 

Cotton Blend 7.jpg
Cotton Blend 9.jpg

The contrast between the scales and freckles, reflecting from the natural light, created a nurturing energy that softly blended into an inner peace for me. And if only just for a moment, my anxiety had subsided. If only just for a moment my worries, were someplace else.

Cotton Blend 10.jpg
Cotton Blend 3.jpg

PhotoGraphy & Styling // Kanobi Pollard

MODEL // jamillah Mcwhorter